Personal Training

Chief Executive Officer

One on one, pairs and small group regular workout sessions designed to help you accomplish your fitness and wellness goals.

Sessions are conducted at your home, public park, beach or gym; equipment is provided.

Beach Bootcamp

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Beach group exercise that will challenge you and make you reach a new fitness level giving the best you got. 

Workouts include:

  • Core Conditioning
  • Running
  • Muscular Strength
  • Circuit Training
  • Tires
  • Heavy Ropes
  • Weights
  • Agility Drills and more...

Ageless Grace

Chief Executive Officer

Brain fitness program designed based on the science of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to change structurally and functionally. This seated exercise program activates the five functions of the brain (analytical, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, creativity and imagination), the core organs and systems of the body.  

Ageless Grace addresses 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function.


Collins Community Center

3900 NE 3rd Avenue

Oakland Park, FL 33334

Tuesdays :

9:00 am