Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Optimum Balance Fitness and Wellness was established in 2014 by Diana Mendoza as a one stop shop destination for those looking to attain a balance among their fitness and wellness goals.

During its first year Optimum Balance provided Fitness and Nutrition Counseling changing the lives of many clients in a positive way. During 2015 on its efforts to better serve its clients Optimum Balance created Optimum Body, a series of non invasive, natural and rejuvenating body sculpting treatments. Subsequently in 2017 Optimum Facial Treatments were incorporated.

We believe that in order to achieve Optimum Balance, we need to take care of our bodies not only outside but inside as well. That is why we provide our Fitness, Nutrition and Aesthetic services. We encourage ourselves and our clients to unite these three essential aspects in order to live a safe, fit and healthy lifestyle.

Diana Mendoza

Diana, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor by the NCSF, a Body Contouring Specialist, and licensed Aesthetician. She has experience working with all fitness levels from young adults to seniors. These experiences have challenged her skills and improved her quality of training designing different, efficient and challenging workouts. Her mission in life is to guide people in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

 As part of her training Diana has also been certified as Master Trainer in Stanford’s Chronic Disease & Diabetes Self Management, Matter of Balance, and Tai Chi. Skills that are also incorporated when designing your workouts and lifestyle plans. 

In her desire to continue to improve the lifestyle of her clients and in order to provide more options to attain health, weight and physique goals. Diana has now created OPTIMUM BODY and OPTIMUM FACE using natural treatments and the latest aesthetics technology. 

Maria Claudia Mendoza

Maria Claudia Mendoza, has dedicated the past six years to the study and care of the skin, attending various seminars where she trained in this specific area. She is a licensed aesthetician and mixes natural products with the latest technology in order to maximize results in the treatments offered to every client.

In 2015, Maria Claudia joined Optimum Balance as an aesthetician and Optimum Body specialist. Her goal is to help customers have a better lifestyle in a natural, safe and healthy way.